Aeronautical prestige painting

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Creation & Design

To the delight of our costumers, our workshop is equipped with a post of computer graphics to create models of airplanes, helicopters and ultralight aircrafts. This post let us to make stencils cut by machine to respect the final model during the painting works.

Our graphic designer, Petra Alexandra Toth is also responsible for making a quality monitoring by photographing all stages of work. You will equally keep a unique souvenir about the metamorphosis of your aircraft.

  • The paint-booth

    Our heated paint-booth allows us to accommodate aircraft up to a width of 18 meters. Boom-lifts give us the possibility to work at height with safety. We use all kinds of products and techniques to obtain the best quality and the best design including decorative airbrush painting and electrostatic spray guns.

  • The blast cleaning booth

    The complete blast cleaning is done by projecting media-plastic grain or wheat starch (at low pressure 1,5 bar / 800km/h). Then we apply an anti-corrosion treatment by Surtec650, and the finishes are according to our customers' desires.

  • The warehouse

    All devices you entrusted to us are carefully placed in shelters in our storage shed, awaiting for their receipt. Upon delivery , you will receive an elegant suitcase containing (among others) a compilation of photos, surface for painting-test and small gifts retracing the steps of realization.



Unique creations

for 14 years

If you have no particular idea for design, we will propose several projects. Your personalization will be unique.

For the note : the choice of builders is usually limited and leaves you the option to order your new device without painting on it. There won't be long sanding works which will ease the final cost .

of industrial particles

Our job is also to paint containers, folding poles, etc. for EUROCOPTER, mini-cameras for DASSAULT, and many other industrial particles.


Dreams start small. Just like the painting works in our workshop. Petra Toth, computer graphics designer is responsible for everything before the painting process : she offers different models , depending on your idea or unique creations , until you find your favorite.

Once validated, Petra prepares stencils with the help of our cutting machine, using the final artwork.
The use of the machine guarantee the perfect symmetry of the design on both sides of the plane and a mirror exact of the model.

They share their experiences

  • I entrusted Jérôme with a Squirrel, giving him a "white paper". Although I already knew his abilities, I must admit I did not expect such a result. The rendering was icredible, the helicopter changed its color according to the light and angle of view. The chameleon, this is how we call now the Chipmunk AS 355 that I have entrusted to him. Since that day , I ordered him three other paintings, always the same satisfaction.

    Jean Bories - Midair Company
    Pilot & Owner

  • Many of our customers are in the aviation competition with high requirement. In this environment , it's important to be noticed and to differentiate from competitors especially with respect to sponsors. Jérôme has the necessary talent to face this kind of challenge. The quality of the painting is important for our pilot training school as it reflects the interest we pay to quality maintenance.

    Pierre Keller - E.S.M.A
    Technical Manager PART145

  • For me, Jérôme is the best aviation painter in France. His work particularly on helicopters is remarkable. The first time I had to recommend him for an American client who was seeking for a painting company to paint his Centurion. I told him to go with eyes closed and he was not disappointed. The result was beautiful.

    Michel Anglade
    Helicopter Pilot

  • The requirement combined with the talent of Jerome made him ​​a reference painter in the aviation community. These are works of a rare quality.
    He knows how to listen and respond to the desire of its customers by providing attention to details and integrity of the device.
    An outstanding craftsmanship that consistently offers a complete satisfaction to my clients and myself.

    Françoise Horiot - Troyes Aviation

  • When Jerome came to present his products to me in 2008, I immediately recognized a real artist in his work. The work we ask from Jerome is difficult, it almost always involves challenges both on time and the quality expected by our customers . Our TBMs are unique high performance aircraft, we needed the paintings that are just as important. Jerome offers high quality services with a very valuable listening.
    Its development will go through better consideration requirements imposed by our industrial sector. The artist must become an industrial player while keeping its professional knowledge.

    M. Boutonnet - Daher Airplane Business unit

  • Jérôme has been spontaneously recommended to me by Françoise Horiot from Troyes Aviation. This is the best paint job I've ever seen and now I understand why he was highly recommended. His work has an excellent quality with a rare kind of attention to details. In addition, he adjusted immediately and without question the elements I asked from him. Jérôme turns to its customers with hearing and a deep desire for satisfaction. It was a real pleasure to work together.

    Andrew Glomb - Air transport inc


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